If you're in Detroit, making the short trip over to Ann Arbor to shop for your next vehicle is worth the drive in to see us where you can find numerous quality new Hyundai vehicles at Fox Ann Arbor Hyundai and we hope to help you discover the right fit!

There are new Hyundai vehicles for all types of lifestyles with many sedan options as well as SUVs. These range by size, and efficiency, and are gas, hybrid, and electric vehicle options depending on what you choose. The price ranges also give you the ability to find affordable new vehicles for sale as well. The drive from Detroit is short and convenient as you're going from one city to another on major roads, and many people in our area do the trip and find it well worth it.

Our team will guide you through all our current options and allow you the chance to get a hands-on feel and a test drive for any new Hyundai vehicle. We can also discuss leasing and financing options for new Hyundai vehicles and how we can make a plan to get you behind the wheel of one from our dealership.

to begin, get in touch with us here at Fox Ann Arbor Hyundai and we can provide more information on the latest new cars and SUVs we have available for you and showcase why the Hyundai brand has all the answers for your next ride in Detroit!

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